Using 99% of your resources to prepare for improbable potential bad stuff isn't wise.
Using less than 1% of your resources to prepare for reasonably probable bad stuff IS very unwise.
Do you REALLY believe that all is well in our world?
Many "Preppers" are "wierd" "fringe" folks. If these folks are right about their projections, we will really need a few normal folks to help repopulate the world. Will you join us?
Family protection training in firearms and self defense. Prepare for what we hope will never happen. Protect your family. Prepare for Doomsday.
Wyoming is a great place for discreet preppers to train. Step out of your routine and do something for your family. Shooting and self defense instruction.
Do you see dark clouds on the horizon?
Are you ready to be ready?
"Because I had established a reputation as the "Millionaire's Shooting Coach", when my clients became more interested in prepping, we have now been able to help them develope discreet plans for their families, companies and of course themselves." -Shepard Humphries