Here at Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, we are passionate about shooting! We look forward to sharing our knowledge with other entrepreneurs through our roles as consultants.

As we developed our business we sought the advice of many successful businesspersons. We learned from brainstorming sessions, focus groups to resolve specific issues and other mentoring. Our unique niche is in the luxury market, and we continue to lead the luxury entertainment shooting industry from our base in Jackson Hole Wyoming. While there are many shooting ranges that offer gun rentals, some with b-grade instructors to assist, we are among only a handful of companies internationally that focuses on the discriminating well-heeled client base.

Like any business, we are mindful and vigilant of competition, but we believe that shooting is an under-appreciated activity, and we welcome more similar businesses throughout the world. We are available to share our knowledge with your startup.

Because of our success with the JHSE, we are investigating franchising our shooting school throughout the world. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing options.
Consultation pricing parable:
Entertainment Shooting Industry consultation services:
The old man had worked as the maintenance man at the factory for over 40 years. After retirement, some of the pipes began humming. The new maintenance man and the engineers could not determine what was causing the problem or how to fix it, so they called the old man.

The old man walked up to a section of the pipe and tapped on it with a hammer. It immediately resolved the problem. When asked for a bill, the old man gave the factory a bill for $1000. Surprised, the manager asked the old man to itemize to explain the high price of a 2 minute job. The old man itemized as follows:

Tapping the pipe - $1.00
Knowing where to tap the pipe - $999.00
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