Defensive Pistol
Our skilled instructors will familiarize you with basic handgun use and safety protocol. Whether a beginning shooter or an experienced gunner, you’ll progress to practical combat simulation and sharpen your personal and home defense skills as you are coached through point shooting, engaging multiple attackers, shooting while moving, combat reloading, low light tactics, weapon transitions, fighting while wounded and other handgun combat skills.

We offer a series of scheduled 2-hour & 8-hour group classes in communities throughout the Rocky Mountain region as well as private instruction in Jackson or your home town.
Your seatbelt will "probably" never save your life.

You will "probably" never need to use your handgun to protect yourself.

We suggest that you should probably buckle up and train hard ... just in case!
$150 to $175/hour for private instruction (See bottom of page for details)
Try out the variety of semi-automatic pistols we’ll provide and/or bring your own!

          •Ruger Mark III in .22 caliber
          •CZ-USA Kadet in .22 caliber
          •Sig Sauer P-226 in 9mm
          •Glock 21 in .45 caliber

          •CZ-USA CZ-75 in 9mm
          •Springfield Armory 1911 in .45 ACP

The instruction and drills will be tailored to meet each student's skill level and desires.

Please call to customize. We look forward to providing you with exactly what you want!
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