Many Jackson Hole resorts offer transportation services.

Other transportation options include:
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Frequently Asked Questions
The nature of our activities makes them even more challenging and builds even better memories when the weather is inclement. We utilize a range that has a covered shooting area, so our experiences and classes are almost always held regardless of the weather. If the tempurature drops below 15*F however, we will cancel the activity without charge so long as we are notified of your desire to do so at least 14 hours before the event. Contact us for specific cancellation policy details. Please recognize that when we reserve your time; we frequently turn down other request. We do a 2-hour setup for your expereince and a 90-minute takedown. Contact us for details on our cancellation policy.
This link will take you to the Jackson Hole Airport's list of local transportation options.
Shooting is for everyone! We live by the adage, "Improvise & Overcome" and we enjoy creative solutions that allow folks with challenges to participate safely!
For children, we require a 1:1 Instructor student ratio. Having a parent or guardian help coach the child is helpful. Please email for more information.
For those in wheelchairs or similar, please contact us; let's make this work!
For those that are inexperienced; come on in and let's shoot!
Shooters that are very experienced know that until all their bullets go through the same hole, there is room to improve. Come play with us!
For the young (6+), welcome to the sport, perhaps we will begin with a BB gun!
For the timid, we promise that we will pace our shooting respectfully and will patiently share our sport with you.
Cancellation Policy
Age / Ability / Disability / Skill Levels
What should I wear / bring?
Wear comfortable shoes or boots (no open toes).
Dress for the weather and wear clothing that can be stained or torn.
Bring an eager, excited, fun and responsible attitude & we will do the same!

Long pants are better than shorts and warm boots are wise in the winter.
Hats are helpful on sunny days.
Cameras (we would love to take pictures of you at no additional charge!)
We Provide:
Sunscreen, hearing and eye protection, water, snacks, mosquito repelant, hand lotion, hand-wipes, umbrellas or other shade, guns and ammunition.
Most locations have toilets, but check with us as we make arrangements for your excursion.
Other questions?
Send an email to or call 307.690.7921
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